Italy is a European country with a Mediterranean coastline; the country has a mighty influence on the Western culture and cuisine and is one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe. Though Italy may not occupy a vast landscape, they are consistently on the top vacation and tourist destination in the world. Tourism in Italy is one of the significant sources of Income for the country. Regarded as one of the country’s most developing, profitable and prolific industrial sector with an estimated revenue of $42.7billion. With over 48.6 million tourists in 2014, the country is the fifth most visited country when it comes to international tourism arrival. Italy is very rich in history, culture, fashion, cuisine, and art, it’s beautiful beaches, coastline, ancient monuments, mountains and World Heritage sites more than every other country in the world as made it a top tourist attraction. A trip to Italy is always the dream of every tourist, a trip to Italy is one that can’t be forgotten soon.


A lot of tourists have visited Italy for centuries, but the most recognized first tourist was said to visit Italy during the Grand Tour in the 17th and 18th century. The Roman Empire was a vital factor that attracted many people from different works of life. People came to witness the warfare that hosted in the Colosseum, and the Colosseum also drew people itself. When the Roman Empire fell, a lot of visitors would come to Italy to marry. However, around 90,000 people visited the country due to the natural and historical endowment. In 1919, tourism in Italy had become a tremendous economic opportunity, and the Italian state Office was created to promote and increase international travel. Tourism is more popular in 1958 when Italy finished its post-war reconstruction when the country moved from agriculture based to an industry centered economy. In late 1960, there was massive influx of visitors who came because of the fame of skiing and mountain holiday that was offered to the high class in the 1930’s. During the year 1985-1995, the revenue for tourism industry increased from 8.7billion to 27.4billion, and the country was ranked among the top 4 favorite destinations till 1996. From 1996-2006, Italy oversaw a 10-year growth rate in the sector, and a slight progress was made in 2006 and 2007. In 2009 the expenditures by inbound visitors through tourist receipts moved Italy to the fourth highest tourism earner.


Italy is a country with vast tourist sites with colossal history, culture, cuisine, and fashion. Every city in this country offers a unique treat and experience for visitors coming from far and near. The ancient’s sites in the beautiful cities to the fantastic coastline and the luxurious hotels and suit. Italy has something for everyone. Venice, Rome (the capital city with the Vatican City, ancient ruins like the Colosseum), Florence, Milan are some of the vibrant cities to visit when you are planning a trip to this ever radiant country.