Top Tourist Sites in Italy

Italy has several notable tourist attractions that are very popular and worth a visit. One of the most famous of these sites is the Coliseum (Colosseum), which is also called the Flavian Amphitheatre. This ancient amphitheatre is the largest ever built. It opened in 80 AD. It is located in central Rome, Italy and is where the gladiators used to fight. It could hold up to about 80,000 people. Not only did they hold gladiator fights here but also executions and various dramatic performances.

Another site in Rome where you can see some History is at the Roman Forums where several archeological ruins of ancient buildings can be seen surrounding a rectangular plaza. A further popular tourist site that you may already have heard of is the Pantheon. Although it is now used as a church it was once a Roman temple that was constructed at the site of a former temple built during the time of Augustus. The Pantheon was finished by Emperor Hadrian. The building has a circular shape with several granite Corinthian columns forming a portico.

The Trevi Fountain was constructed in Rome during the 18th century. The architecture is of the Baroque style. Standing at just over 26m tall, Trevi Fountain is the largest fountain in all of Rome. This beautiful fountain was a feature of ancient Rome. It was built at the end of an aqueduct at a point where three streets meet, hence the name “Trevi “ which means three streets. The fountain is constructed of travertine stone which is the same material used in part of the construction of the Coliseum.

The Amalfi Coast is another popular tourist site. This scenic 50 km region extends along the southern part of Italy in the region of Campania. The region is known for its small coastal villages and rugged cliffs and views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. If you happen to be visiting Florence, then a tourist site you must visit is the Florence Cathedral, also referred to as Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. This is the main church of the city of Florence. The outside of this church contains marble panels that are polychromatic and bordered in white. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site along with the Baptistery and Giottos Campanile.

Piazza San Marco, also known as St. Mark’s Square is an important feature of Venice, Italy. It is the widest region of flat and open land in the city of Venice. Venetians refer to it often as “la Piazza”, and this is the main public gathering place of Venice. No trip to Italy would be complete without visiting what must be the most well-known landmark of all, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This tower is found in the city of Pisa and is a free standing bell tower. The tower was not supposed to lean but was a result of the building of the tower on an insufficient foundation on ground that was too soft on one side of the building. Italy has many wonderful tourist sites that a person can visit. These are just some of the top tourist sites that are found in Italy.