Top Guided Tours in Italy

Most cultural tours in Italy are done in the spring and autumn. Cities like Rome, Venice and Florence are best toured in winter when there are less crows. Many specialist tours provide special access to villas, palaces, gardens and wineries or after-hours visits. Below are top guided tours in Italy that cover the country’s history, cultures, foods and drinks.

The Dolomite Walk

The Dolomite summer walk is one of the top guided tours in Italy. Organized by Ramblers Walking Holidays, the 7, 10, and 14-night tour in the Heart of the Dolomite is an exciting way to spend the summer in Italy. The jagged limestone peaks of the Dolomite rising above the green meadows dotted with domed churches and wooden barns is better explored on foot.

Touring the Jewel of the Mediterranean

A 10-day tour of the Mediterranean’s largest island is organized by Titan Travel. This guided Jewel of the Mediterranean tour helps you explore Sicily’s cultures and multilayered history. The Titan’s tour is fast-paced, comprehensive and covers important sights like the Valley of the Temples, Piazza Armerina, Monreale cathedral and Etna.

Herculaneum and Classical Campania Tour

Ruins of ancient city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by volcano, Mount Vesuvius, about two millenniums ago.

Andante Travels’ Pompeii provides expert guide to help you fully appreciate the classical sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. All the guide for this tour, are lecturers specialized in either ancient history or Roman archaeology and some have also excavated at Pompeii. The 7 days tour covers Pompeii and explores not-so-popular sites, like the Piscina Mirabilis.

Discovering Italy’s Hidden Corners

Jules Verne’s six “Secrets” tours aims to help travelers to explore hidden sights, corners and towns in Italy. Secret Italy takes off daily from a base in Assisi to explore less-known areas of Italy, like Spoleto, Orvieto, Urbino and Ravenna. The 7-night tour is hosted by a local art collector.

Lakes and Gardens Tours

Gardens expert Brightwater Holidays organizes tours of Italy’s gardens and lakes. With a focus on Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and its exotic Borromean Islands, the tour itinerary covers visits to gardens with no public access.

Grand Italian Experience Tour

Palaces on Venice’s Grand Canal

The grand tour that lasts 17 days and is organized by Trafalgar covers the three must-see cities of Florence, Venice and Rome as well as Pompeii, Milan, Liguria, the Lakes, Siena and more. There’s time to explore local cuisines at a traditional farmhouse in Puglia, and a tour of the Missionary Ethnological Museum at the Vatican before enjoying a private dinner in a courtyard.

Venetian palaces

Dr. Michael Douglas-Scott, an expert in 16th-century Italian art and architecture leads small-group tours of Venice run by Martin Randall. You get to visit magnificent and beautiful private palazzi otherwise not accessible to the public. There’s also after-hours private visit to St Mark’s Basilica.

There are so many great sites to see all throughout the beautiful country of Italy, from the countryside to the cities to the seas there is so much to see, these tours will hopefully help you to find a few top spots to check out while on your Italian vacation.