The Best Towns to Visit in Southern Italy

Many tourists who visit Italy for the very first time head up to the north of the country and go to the tourist destinations of Venice, Florence and Sienna. Not to mention the cultural hubs of Rome, Milan and Turin. However, the southern part of Italy is incredibly beautiful. There is definitely a different vibe to southern Italy than there is in the north. People tend not to be as serious and are far more interested in living life to the full and very accepting of foreigners. Even the way the people of the south speak sounds completely different to their northern counterparts. If you really want to enjoy the sunshine and the charm of the south here are some great places you should visit.


Sorrento is stunningly beautiful and quite easy to get to as there are many direct flights into Naples and then Sorrentois just a short train ride from there. The history of this ancient town is fascinating as many invaders have left their legacy on the region. The small cobbled streets are quite enchanting and the main square with its fabulous restaurants is a fine place to have dinner or just hang out. If you enjoy seafood, then Sorrento is a great place as there are many fairly inexpensive restaurants serving up the freshest of fish and seafood caught that very day. You can even pop over to the Isle of Capri for a day trip by boat, or visit the site of Pompeii under the watchful glare of Mount Vesuvius.


Visiting Alberobello is like visiting no other Italian city. Every building is adorned by strange domed rooftops which are so unique in design and form. In fact, this magical place is the world’s best-preserved example of Trulli architecture so don’t forget your camera. Amazingly these stone conical roofs are held up by gravity as no mortar is used at all. Supposedly the oldest building dates back before the 14th Century.


How can you not visit Naples when in the South of Italy? Napoli has the reputation as being a fairly run-down place and many tourist books advise to stay clear of it. And to be truthful you will either love or hate Naples as it is that sort of place. But if you want to sample some of the best and original food in the whole of Italy then head to Naples. After all it was the birthplace of the pizza. Naples has really strong links to northern Africa, and this makes it so unique. The narrow streets can be a little daunting but are crammed full of interesting cafes and bijou eateries. The most popular tourist attractions are the Castel del’Ovo and Castel Nuovo.


These three southern Italian towns are well worth taking time out to visit and each holds its own charms and attractions. If you have the time then Tropea, Paestum, Maratea, and the villages of the Amalfi coast are all worth checking out also.