Situated in Southern Europe, Italy is one of the world’s most famous travel destination for tourist. Italy is a haven for some of the most spectacular old cities in the world. The cities in Italy are truly stunning and incredibly fascinating with art, history, fashion, landscape, exceptional cuisine, ancient ruins and more. Italy offers so many beautiful cities to visit, and it may take a lifetime to explore them all. Once you are in Italy, it leisurely to visit most of the historical and beautiful cities by train. Here is a summary of any of the most popular cities in Italy.


Rome is the most prominent city in Italy with its over 2000 years of existence and uncountable archaeological sites, ruins and art museums, Rome is one of the fascinating cities in the world. Rome is the capital of present-day Italy, and the city is a lively and bustling city with some fantastic restaurants and exciting nightlife. Despite the city’s compact and beautiful historic center, it easy to spend a month touring the city and still not see everything.  The city is also known for its ancient Roman structures and even the Vatican City. From the old romantic plazas to captivating cathedrals and Renaissance architecture, there is just more than enough to do in Rome.


Regarded as one of the best areas to be in Italy, Venice is a unique city in the way that it built upon a lagoon that is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. The city is located in Northeastern Italy, and it is an archipelago of up to 118 islands that are all connected by over hundreds of beautiful bridges and scenic canals. Of all the channels, the Grand canal is widely known, and it divides the country into two parts. Picturesque waterways and historic architectural design make Venice one of the most romantic cities on the planet. Venice is most time crowded, but it is worth it to visit its magnificent landmarks like the Saint Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and Basilica. An attractive thing to do is to take a Gondola ride through one of its plenty canals.


Almost destroyed by massive bombing during the Second World War, Milan has now been reconstructed and glows like one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. The city wildly referred to as a mega fashion center with large designer shops. Milan also pulls tourist to some of its famous surviving treasures like the Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting, The Last Supper, One of the world’s largest Gothic cathedral and the Castello Sforzesco. Nevertheless, Milan sometimes appears less Italian when compared to the country’s predominant historic cities and is more of an eye-catching town with modern architecture.


Verona isn’t only where the famous William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet are set, it’s also a beautiful and vibrant city that offers lots of things to do and see. From the ancient Roman ruins that include a well-preserved arena to a medieval castle, from historic churches to charming piazzas, Verona has a lot of sightseeing opportunity. It is one of the most attractive cities in Italy, and it can be as romantic as you’d expect.