How to Rent a Scooter in Italy

With the sun caressing your head and the wind blowing your hair, discover the beauties of Italy in an iconic, stylish and truly Italian way – on a scooter (or motorino or motor scooter). As long as you observe the rules and obey the laws, the scooter is a fun and authentic way to explore truly breathtaking countryside and picturesque villages and roads in Italy. You can experience the most beautiful Italian roads on a motorino all by yourself with a GPS and roadbook, or you can follow other “scooter trippers”.

It’s Simple

Motorbikes in Italy

It is very easy to rent a scooter in Italy. From Vernice to Milan, there are various scooter rental companies in city centers and mid to large towns across the country. With a valid US driver’s license and a credit card, you can rent a scooter in any place you choose. Most rentals are 125cc as long as you’re up to 18 years, but you can get some 250cc. There are many places to rent scooters or motorcycles in the tourist areas. Just check out the equipment/prices and get a “good feeling” from the rental service. Ensure you hire a scooter model that complies with the emissions stipulated by law.

Exploring Italy on a scooter ensures that the traffic in major Italian cities does not ruin your trip. You can maneuver between cars stuck in traffic. Note that all two-wheel riding is hazardous. Although you’re less likely to get hit by stationary cars, you must have your head on a swivel and be constantly aware of the surrounding traffic. Sadly, you are more likely to get hit by some “hot shot” on a powerful motorcycle trying to “split” the traffic, just like you.

Tips for Riding a Scooter in Italy

  1. Always carry your license, ownership and insurance documents.
  2. Always park properly and in scooter designated parking spaces.
  3. Bays marked by white lines are the best alternative to designated scooter parking spots.
  4. Always wear a helmet and use gloves with reinforced palms and knuckle protectors.
  5. When riding during the day, wearing sunglasses will shield you not only from the sun but also from flies or wasps that buzz under your visor.
  6. Don’t use mobile phones or ride in high heels.
  7. Don’t apply a lip-gloss on a scooter as it can trap things on your face.
  8. Having a small towel around to mop up rain and clean dirt is a good idea.

Obey the Law

Tuscany Vespa Tour

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive at excessively high speeds. Avoid driving the wrong way up streets. Don’t try to run the red lights even if the roads look free. Parking in blue bays — paying car spots — and delivery van bays could make you liable for a fine. It’s against the law to park on the pavement, in spots for the disabled or on Zebra crossings. Give clear signals with your indicators when changing road position or stopping. Avoid bus/taxi lanes and pedestrian areas.

These tips should help you get your dream trip! Find a scooter and ride all around the amazing cities of Italy.