Great Italian Islands to Visit

Italy is simply charming because of its history, culture, stunning natural beauty, a long coastline and many islands that are situated just off the mainland. Some of these islands are highly popular amongst the tourists and others are a little more off the beaten track. However, many hidden islands can offer different landscapes including dramatic volcanoes, dazzling beaches, and luscious green hills.


The island of Elba is well-known for history enthusiasts as Napoleon was banished there in 1814 after his defeat by Russia, Britain, and Prussia. Elba is one of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and perfectly quite place to escape the daily rush. Elba is blessed with fabulous beaches, and the blue water that surround the island are excellent for swimming or scuba diving. Fantastic woods and hills can be found on this island and these places are great for hiking and exploring. If you want more action, the outside sport activities such as climbing, windsurfing, hiking, and mountain biking are offered. Elba is an ideal destination for family vacation to have fun and relax.


The second largest island in the Mediterranean is Sardinia, and it should be called one of the most beautiful islands as well. Sardinia has its own unique culture that is quite different from Italian culture as it was formed by many other countries and nations that left their mark on traditions, food, drinks and people of Sardinia. Basically, it feels that Sardinia is a perfect mix of Africal heat and Italian passion. You can visit ancient Roman temples, medieval forts or just explore all amazing beaches here. Must visit places:  La Pelosa Beach, Gola di Gorropu, and the magnificent ancient Tharros.


The volcanic island of Ischia is situated in the stunning Gulf of Naples. The island is divided by two9 different sides: the wonderful old-fashioned coastal area, and the modern center. One of the most majestic places of the island is Aragonese Castle situated upon the cliff. You can find so many great bars and restaurant there to try the traditional dishes and wines or just enjoy the landscape of Ischia Porto. Don’t forget to visit the wonderful Poseidon Gardens, and take a stroll to see the impressive flora on display. If you have some more time, it is worthy to explore the enchanting fishing village of Sant’Angelo to see how real life is conducted on this island.


Capri island is associated with the rich entrepreneurs, famous movie stars and models. It is one of the most glamorous resorts, as a result, it can be difficult to moor your boat among the multitude of luxury yachts. However, don’t change your plans to visit this beautiful island because Capri is full of natural wonders. The enchanting Grotta Azzurra is the top place to visit as it is one of the most spectacular sea caves in the world.