Great Italian Cars of the Last Decade – Part 2

We open the throttle and accelerate into part two of the great Italian cars of the last decade. In part one we looked at the unique Ferrari SP12, the Maserati Gran Tourismo and the bestselling Lamborghini Gallardo. In this blog we start with an Italian car manufacturer that is legendary for many reasons, and that is Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo 8C

Alfa Romeo is all about fine design and looks, and although the road cars have had a dubious reputation for decades, Alfa Romeo has also made some of the most classic sports cars of all time. Although Alfa Romeo epitomizes Italian cars the company was actually founded by Frenchman in 1910.

The grand Maserati GranTurismo was supposed to have been based on this classic Alfa Romeo. But where the Maserati was built for setting lap records, the 8C was never meant to be like that. Its one purpose in life was to look fabulous, and Alfa succeeded in that. But it is much more than something to pull up to flash restaurants and hotels, this car is a great grand tourer, and one of the best ever.

Pagani Zonda R

If you want to travel as fast as the wind then there is no better way than behind the wheel of a Pagani Zonda R. Pagani Zonda’s are built as supercars, pure and simple and to to get from A to B in the fastest possible time. The mid-engine V12 power pack will transport this car at an incredible 740 brake horsepower. The AMG engine used to power this beast of a car is actually the same one that is in the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR race car and that indeed is legendary. Pagani have only been making cars since 1999, but have firmly established themselves as one of the leading supercar manufacturers on the planet.

Ferrari LaFerrai

How can you possibly put supercar and hybrid in the same sentence? But this amazing Ferrari does just that.

The name of this car is a little trite but once you get over that and understand how this car works and performs the name simply does not matter. First manufactured in 2013 the LaFerrai engine is a massive V12 that is boosted by a second electric engine. Think of it not as Prius technology rather as rocket science. This combination of power, packs boasts the most powerful production car that Ferrai have ever made.

It certainly has the most advanced engine the company has ever built and one of the most sophisticated in the world today. All this technology gives this car a maximum speed of 350 kilometers an hour and it can reach 200 kilometers an hour in an astonishing seven seconds.

With all this power and technology, you would think that aesthetics may suffer, but not a jot as this car is simply drop dead gorgeous. What the Ferrai LaFerrai actually represents is the ultimate in supercar manufacturing. Stunning beauty combined with unbelievable power, whether it is good enough to save the planet or reverse global warming time will tell.