Cute Cafes to Visit in Italy

The Love of Italy

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Italy, you will have a love affair with the country for the rest of your life.  The shops, the people, the scenery, the food, and the cafes.  With so much to explore in one country we will focus on some of the cute cafes to visit while in Italy.

A Love of Coffee

For Italians coffee is not just a morning drink, it is to be enjoyed throughout the day.  While most homes have a small stovetop espresso maker, many Italians will also head out to the local cafe to enjoy a coffee and pastry at the local cafe or bar.  But that is not where the use of the cafe ends.  The cafe is central to being connected to the community, the city. Some will boast specialty meals with authentic Italian music playing and a compilation of art adorning the walls.  As the weather warms, the doors and windows are opened and these sounds and smells waft out to the road or city square inviting tourists and residents alike.  The bar will also serve alcohol, but that usually comes later in the day in the form of an Aperol spritz or with dinner. Like most Europeans, the Italians have learned the art of slowing down and enjoying their food and drink.  Cafes throughout Italy may offer different options or specialties but they all promote the Italian ideology of purity and quality.

A Love of Coffee

The Cafes

Cafe Florian, originally known as Alle Venizia Trionfante, began in Venice in 1720 and is revered as the oldest cafe in not just Venice but the world.  Nestled in the cobblestone square of Piazza San Marco, a visit to this historic cafe will not soon be forgotten. The Caffe Pedrocchi is located in Padua, Italy.  This region is known for its claim to be the oldest city in Italy and that rich history continues within the walls of the caffe.  Caffe Pedrocchi is unique in that its many rooms host a different brocade of history and diversity.  Because of its location by the stock exchange it was uniquely open 24hrs a day.  Traveling to Milan the Zucca in Galleria is more than just a caffe it carries culture and history.  Many famous artist have sat at its tables and found comradery and inspiration within its walls.  Caffe Paszkowski is based in Florence, Italy and also carries much history.  It began as a brewery in the early 1900’s.  Times changed but the name did not and the once beer hall became the cafe that it is today.

Antico Caffe Greco, often simply referred to as Caffe Grego, is located in Rome.  This cafe was opened in 1760 and was named after its Greek owner.  It is also known as one of the oldest cafes there.  These cafes are just the tip of the iceberg of what Italy has to offer. When traveling thru Italy, make sure to slow down and enjoy the little things.  Appreciate the history, enjoy the architecture and savor the delicious flavors