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The Best Italian Ski Resorts

Italy has to be one of the very best places in the world to go skiing. It is far more laid back than the expensive glitzy resorts of Austria, Switzerland and France and has a terrific ambiance. Don’t forget the fantastic food and the superb wine and you can see why Italians are quite happy […]

Great Italian Islands to Visit

Italy is simply charming because of its history, culture, stunning natural beauty, a long coastline and many islands that are situated just off the mainland. Some of these islands are highly popular amongst the tourists and others are a little more off the beaten track. However, many hidden islands can offer different landscapes including dramatic […]

Where to find ancient Italian vines

Italy has many early-age grape varieties flourishing in its soil. Some of those varieties came from vines which were cultivated during the Roman Empire. There is proved evidence that some of grapes were planted and wine was made from when in the early Copper Age. They originally were brought to Italy from Greece and Middle […]

Great Italian Cars of the Last Decade – Part 2

We open the throttle and accelerate into part two of the great Italian cars of the last decade. In part one we looked at the unique Ferrari SP12, the Maserati Gran Tourismo and the bestselling Lamborghini Gallardo. In this blog we start with an Italian car manufacturer that is legendary for many reasons, and that […]

Great Italian Cars of the Last Decade – Part 1

Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lamborghini, Lanci, Maserati, Pagani, Abarty, Casalini, Centenari, Covini, Dallara, DR, Effedi, Manifattura Automobili Torino, Faralli & Mazzanti, Giottiline, Martin, Mazzanti, Picchio, Soleil, Spada, Ansaldi, Amilcar Italinia, Autobianchi, B Engineering, Bandini, Bertone, Bugatti Automobili, Cizeta, Fissore, Fornasari, Ghia, Lombardi, Savio, Vespa, Zust. Italy has always been synonymous with the sports car and […]

Favorite Italian Foods – Part 2

Continuing our Italian culinary journey, we search for even more iconic Italian dishes thatare favorites both in Italy and around the world. In part one we found out about the ubiquitous pizza and its varieties, we discovered Italian caviar andate an original lasagna without a plethora of tomatoes. In this blog we startwith possibly Italy’s […]

Favorite Italian Foods – Part 1

Italy is one ofthe world’s superpowers when it comes to gastronomy. But it is not all just pizza and pasta, Italian cuisine has far more to it than that. The food in Italy is very regionally based, and what you can found in the mountainous north will be completely different in the green pastures of […]

Top Guided Tours in Italy

Most cultural tours in Italy are done in the spring and autumn. Cities like Rome, Venice and Florence are best toured in winter when there are less crows. Many specialist tours provide special access to villas, palaces, gardens and wineries or after-hours visits. Below are top guided tours in Italy that cover the country’s history, […]

How to Rent a Scooter in Italy

With the sun caressing your head and the wind blowing your hair, discover the beauties of Italy in an iconic, stylish and truly Italian way – on a scooter (or motorino or motor scooter). As long as you observe the rules and obey the laws, the scooter is a fun and authentic way to explore […]

Cute Cafes to Visit in Italy

The Love of Italy If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Italy, you will have a love affair with the country for the rest of your life.  The shops, the people, the scenery, the food, and the cafes.  With so much to explore in one country we will focus on some of the cute […]