Italy is one of the most famous countries in the world and also a top tourist destination. The country is widely known for its cuisine and delicacy with the culinary skills of Italy acknowledged both far and near as one of the most delicious in the world. While you are on a vacation or tour to Italy, a good experience from any of their restaurants is always something you will savour for a long time. As most of the restaurants in Italy are world class, it is quite difficult to decide which restaurants are best among the others. If you are on a trip to Italy or you are looking for the perfect restaurant where you can enjoy the best of culinary, here are some of the best restaurants in Italy.


The favorite, charming hotel La Dimora, 10-minute drive from Bergamo Lombardy has a patisserie and cooking school, but the heart is Da Vittorio. Founded in 1966, in the centre of Bergamo before moving to a nearby resort in Brusaporto, the restaurant is committed to serving traditional Italian cuisine. Chef Enrico Cerea “Chicco” has improved the Italian classics without straying away from the tradition.  The restaurant is an example of a well-run, welcoming family restaurant. Da Vittorio is Elegant without having to be stuffy, sumptuous without having to be cold. The Restaurant offers guest warm and spontaneously friendly welcome. The dishes are Da Vittorio is expertly prepared from natural ingredient by the world-class chef. The restaurant is one of the great restaurants in Italy.


Located in Venice Italy, Alle Testiere is a tiny Venetian hideaway with well-decorated walls with Testiere. The restaurant is mostly about seafood with expertly chosen wine to complement it. Their short menu changes often. The food you can expect to see include raw asparagus salad, shrimp, bay scallops, onions zotoeti in a source that’s accented adequately with spaghetti with bavarasse clams, cinnamon and three to five kinds of grilled fish. If you can get a reservation at this delightful little restaurant, be rest assured that you will get to try wonderfully made simple dishes. There are only spaces for twenty for people, and people do sit in twos in the evening which makes the atmosphere fantastic.


If you are enjoying a lovely time in Rome and you have a yearning for seafood, your perfect spot should be the contemporary looking, nautically themed and Comfortably themed La Rosetta very close to the Pantheon. Whether you are in for the giant red shrimp that’s cooked in grape must, or the spaghetti with clams and Zucchini, or a whole grilled fish, or crisp-fried mussels with squid in spicy gazpacho, or the Rome freshest oysters though imported from France. You will feel connected with the Mediterranean regardless of the fact that you are a mile from the shores.

The above is just a summary of three best restaurants in Italy. However, there are several other world-class restaurants to enjoy the delicious restaurant in Italy.