Best Pizza Places in Italy

Most people enjoy pizza, and since Italy is the birthplace of the modern day pizza it only makes sense to find out about some of the best pizza places that are found in Italy. Pizzeria Megaone is located in Venice, Italy and is considered one of the best pizza places around. They offer various varieties such as mushroom and pepperoni. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a pizza place that is found in Napoli, Italy. This pizzeria was established in 1870 and is still active today. This pizzeria has moved from its original site, and what is also interesting is the fact that the pizzeria has stayed in the Condurra family over several generations.

Another pizzeria that is found in Napoli is The Antica Pizzeria da Michele which makes two types of pizza: Margherita and Marinara. It is a very popular place and so there can be a wait to get seated. However it is considered one of the best tasting pizzas in the region. Antico Forno is a pizzeria in Venice that offers10 types of pizzas. This is a small pizzeria that offers takeaway pizza. It is considered by some to make the best pizzas in Venice. Antico Forno is known for not only the variety of pizzas that they produce but for having fast and friendly service.

Rossopomodoro is yet another pizzeria located in Venice. However Rossopomodoro is a restaurant, not a quick takeaway place the way that Antico Forno is. This restaurant makes neopolitan pizzas and serves other food items. This pizza place also often has a monthly menu. Da Mamo is a pizzeria that serves classic Italian food, including pizzas. They even serve pizzas of the Zodiac where there is a different pizza for each of the star signs. This is a candlelight restaurant that does serve other food and wine. If you are in Venice, this would be a great place to visit, but it may be a bit pricy.

Zizzi Pizza in Rome not only sell pizza but also a pizza box that you can use to make your own pizza at home. They also make their own bread from pizza dough and do also serve other foods such as Panochi and Potato Croquette. Streatart is another pizzeria in Rome where you can find good quality and affordable tasty pizzas. They have outside and inside seating and make a variety of pizzas. They also serve salads and desserts.

Pizzarium serves a Roman style pizza with unusual toppings such as fennel and raisins which makes this a good pizza place to visit. An excellent pizza place in Palermo Italy is Pizzeria Frida which offers four types of pizzas with a range of toppings to choose from. This is a popular place so you may have to wait for a seat. They make thin and thick crust pizzas and a special pizza called the Quattri, which is a square shaped pizza. No matter where you happen to be when you are in Italy you are sure to come across a great pizza place.