Best Parks in Italy

Italy is a great place to visit, not only do they have several cultural activities and amazing scenery but they have several parks that you can explore. A few of the best parks that you can find in Italy are discussed here. The Gran Paradiso National Park is found in the Alps. There is spectacular scenery, tons of wildlife to see and the option to ski in the winter time. They offer several activities depending on the season. Cross country skiing is popular as is ski mountaineering. There are also education and visitor centers with schools visiting often to learn about nature.

If you happen to be visiting in the north eastern region of Italy then the Stelvi National Park is a good option. Located deep in the central Alps, this spectacular park is a high altitude park that has interesting geology and fauna and flora. The valleys have beautiful meadows while the hills have impressive coniferous trees. The park has over 1500 km of trails that you can explore This park would be well worth a visit for the nature lover. A smaller park, also found in the north of Italy is Cinque Terre National Park. This park has an environmental education center and includes a protected marine area. There is a comprehensive web site with all types of information and educational pamphlets available online, including a map of the area. Some of the guides you do have to pay for, for instance the Birdwatching guide.

If you happen to be in the southern region of Italy then it may be worth visiting the Gargano National Park found in the Province of Foggia. This park like Cinque Terre has a protected marine area in addition to the land region. You can even rent a boat and visit the Tremiti Islands of Gargano. Asinara National Park is on the island of Sardinia and also has a protected sea region. You can rent a bicycle while at the park and you can also eat and sleep in the park. Their website provides useful information and informative information on the fauna and flora that you can expect to find and that are of conservation concern.

Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo is found in the Abruzzo region of Italy. If you visit this park you will be impressed by the beautiful lush forests, sparkling waterfalls and mountains. Similar to some other parks like the Gran Paradiso National Park, there is ski mountaineering allowed in the park in the winter time. This park has such animals as deer, bears and eagles. It is also considered to be an important area for avifauna (IBA). The park provides habitat for several bird species, some of which are globally threatened. Italy has several parks that one can visit. The nature parks discussed here certainly represent some of the best parks. Many have organized websites with much useful information for planning your visit. Visiting these parks would be well worth your time and even more so if you are a nature enthusiast.