Month: February 2018

Best Parks in Italy

Italy is a great place to visit, not only do they have several cultural activities and amazing scenery but they have several parks that you can explore. A few of the best parks that you can find in Italy are discussed here. The Gran Paradiso National Park is found in the Alps. There is spectacular […]

Best Pizza Places in Italy

Most people enjoy pizza, and since Italy is the birthplace of the modern day pizza it only makes sense to find out about some of the best pizza places that are found in Italy. Pizzeria Megaone is located in Venice, Italy and is considered one of the best pizza places around. They offer various varieties […]

Enjoy a Luxury Trip to Italy

Milan. Rome. Venice. Italy is celebrated all over the world for its glamorous cities full of the latest fashions, the most prestigious hotels and some truly timeless art and architecture. As one of Europe’s tourism hotspots, whichever part of Italy you decide to visit you will be welcomed as a guest and have hundreds of […]

Top Tourist Sites in Italy

Italy has several notable tourist attractions that are very popular and worth a visit. One of the most famous of these sites is the Coliseum (Colosseum), which is also called the Flavian Amphitheatre. This ancient amphitheatre is the largest ever built. It opened in 80 AD. It is located in central Rome, Italy and is […]